Welcome to our website!

After months of planning, we are so excited to share our brand new website with you!


We are delighted to grow our business with our very own online shop.  But don’t worry, we won’t be leaving Etsy anytime soon! We started our company on Etsy, and we connected with our most loyal customers, so we’re not going anywhere.


Crafted Pine Co was born on Etsy in January 2015, after our MD, Don, spent his Christmas holidays tinkering in his shed, creating wooden treasures.  His oldest daughter, Sharlene, immediately saw the potential in his creations. She designed some decorative items she wanted for her home, and asked him to make them.

Don’s wife, Linda, is much more artistic than he, so she helped paint the finer details onto these initial designs.  The trio adored the pieces they had created, and set up an Etsy shop to find out if there was a market for their quirky homewares.

And before long, the orders started coming in.

So Sharlene designed more products, set up an Instagram account and focused on product photography within her daughters’ bedroom. Don continued creating the products, and Linda kept painting and varnishing.

Name blocks and shelves proved a winner and a turning point for the product range, with celebrities placing orders for their nurseries and news outlets printing them in their magazines.

And the orders kept coming!

So Don turned to Sharlene and his son, Sean, to help make their products.

2 years later, Sean, a web developer by trade, built this website, and Don’s youngest daughter, Lisa, also joined the team as a blogger and copywriter.

Now the whole family contribute to Crafted Pine, even the grandchildren help test new products!

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