How to style your cloud shelf

Our cloud shelves have proven popular since the day we designed them. They are a staple in our product range and feature in many homes and offices across the globe. They are even a permanent fixture in the Crafted Pine Co office, proudly displayed on our product wall ready for photoshoots - and they feature in so many of our photoshoots!


Our versatile shelves

If you are considering purchasing one of our Cloud Shelves, here are some of our favourite ways to style them.

1. Nursery

The most popular use for our Cloud Shelves is to complete a new nursery. With their compact size, they are perfect for displaying favourite toys and precious keepsakes. You can personalise them with your little one's name too.

Styling a Cloud Shelf for a Nursery

2. Children’s room

Once your tot is a bit older, you can reuse your cloud shelf to suit your new décor. Replace keepsakes with their favourite toys for a useful, decorative item.

Styling a cloud shelf for a children’s room

3. Name Blocks

Another bestseller of ours, name blocks display perfectly on cloud shelves. Display your little one's name, or if you opted for a personalised shelf, display meaningful messages or picture blocks instead.

Styling a cloud shelf with name blocks

4. Office

Our Cloud shelves are versatile, and not just for little ones! We love to display plants and motivational plaques in Crafted Pine Co headquarters. Our shelves brighten up any space and are admired by everyone, regardless of age!

Styling a cloud shelf for an office



Our cloud shelves are completely customisable. Choose from a massive 32 colours to suit your room and décor perfectly. From a classic White, to a trendy Pearlescent Rose or versatile Grey, you can choose a colour to complement your room décor and colour scheme. Our shelves also feature an optional small cloud on the front which can be personalised with a name.

Personalising a cloud shelf with a name


More information

Our cloud shelf is handmade from quality Scottish pine. Choose from 32 colours to personalise your shelf, which is 33cm long x 21cm high x 11cm deep.

Personalising a cloud shelf with colour



Shop our Cloud Shelf now, browse our Lightning Cloud Shelf or check out our full range of shelves.


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