Fifth Wedding Anniversary: Gift Guide

The traditional gifts associated with each married year began in the middle ages. Selected gifts were paired with the number of years married to provide extra luck for the couple. In more modern times, gift suggestions are based on symbols and materials to reflect the strengthening of the marital bond over time, and the investment given to the marriage. We have included a full list of the traditional wedding anniversary gifts at the bottom of this post.


5th wedding anniversary: Wood

In the late 1800s, the Victorians allocated wood as the traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary. The durable and long-lasting nature of wood represents the strength of the marriage bond.

Start your search for a fifth wedding anniversary gift with Crafted Pine Co and you can both honour tradition and add a stylish addition to your home too!


1. Photo Holder, from £9

Remind them of your special day with a photo holder containing their favourite wedding photo. Choose from our small, medium or large sizes, and customise with anything you like, such as your names, Mr & Mrs, your wedding date or the location of your honeymoon.


2. Heart Shelf, £49.50

Our heart shelf is a romantic addition to your home and can be used to display your precious keepsakes.



3. Customised Plaque, £20

Choose from 5 shapes and customise with any word or phrase, such as your names or initials, and complete with your wedding date or a heart. Our plaques are complete with all the fixing you need to hang onto a wall.


4. Wall Vase, £44

If hearts aren’t your style, you can still incorporate wood into your anniversary gift by choosing one of our stylish wall vases! Choose from 32 colours to paint either the bottom or the whole circle front. Remember to pick up a plant or some flowers to complete the look and gain extra bonus points!


5. Loveheart plaques, £18

Our fun Loveheart Plaques are available with a choice of 4 phrases: True Love, Hug Me, XOXO and Together Forever, or choose your own. Our plaques are complete with all the fittings you need to display them on your wall.


6. Heart Shelf Sitter, £15

For a gift that’s ready to go, choose a Heart Shelf Sitter personalised with your names in a choice of 30 colours. Why not choose from your wedding colours? Our Shelf Sitters are the perfect reminder of your durable marriage, proudly displayed in your home.


What are the traditional wedding gifts by year?

The traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift is wood, but what about the others? We have included a comprehensive guide below.


1st Anniversary: Paper

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

3rd Anniversary: Leather

4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

5th Anniversary: Wood

6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron

7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper

8th Anniversary: Pottery or Bronze

9th Anniversary: Willow or Pottery

10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum

11th Anniversary: Steel

12th Anniversary: Silk or Linen

13th Anniversary: Lace

14th Anniversary: Gold Jewellery

15th Anniversary: Crystal

16th Anniversary: Coffee or Tea

17th Anniversary: Wine or Spirits

18th Anniversary: Appliances

19th Anniversary: Jade

20th Anniversary: China

21st Anniversary: Fire

22nd Anniversary: Water

23rd Anniversary: Air

24th Anniversary: Stone

25th Anniversary: Silver

26th Anniversary: Art

27th Anniversary: Music

28th Anniversary: Linens

29th Anniversary: Tools

30th Anniversary: Pearls

31st Anniversary: Travel

32nd Anniversary: Bronze

33rd Anniversary: Iron

34th Anniversary: Food

35th Anniversary: Coral

36th Anniversary: Antiques

37th Anniversary: Books

38th Anniversary: Luck  

39th Anniversary: Laughter  

40th Anniversary: Ruby

41st Anniversary: Office or Desk Décor

42nd Anniversary: Clocks or Watches

43rd Anniversary: Entertainment

44rd Anniversary: Electronics

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

46th Anniversary: Games

47th Anniversary: Garden or Plants

48th Anniversary: Home Improvement

49th Anniversary: Copper

50th Anniversary: Gold

51st Anniversary: Photos or Cameras

52nd Anniversary: Bath or Spa

53rd Anniversary: Plastic

54th Anniversary: Glass

55th Anniversary: Emerald

56th Anniversary: Day  

57th Anniversary: Night

58th Anniversary: Faith and Hope

59th Anniversary: Charity

60th Anniversary: Diamond

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