Lockdown project: Dividing a bedroom with bunkbeds

Lockdown project: Dividing a bedroom with bunkbeds


With Coronavirus pushing the world into lockdown for the majority of 2020, and pushing the Crafted Pine Co shop launch from Spring to Autumn, I had some unexpected spare time for the first time in a long time. I also had to become a teacher to my two girls (5 and 10), and they were finding some brand new buttons to push! So I decided to take on a lockdown project and split the girls' bedroom into two seperate rooms using bunkbeds. This has given them both a space more suited to their age, while prividing more privacy and the responsibility of keeping their own room tidy.


1. Preparation

First I measured up the room and booked some time with Papa Pine.

The room was roughly 2.9m by 4.2m at the widest points, the chimney breast runs along part of the room making it slightly smaller at one end. Luckily we also have 2 windows with enough space between to fit the bunkbed and the added panels.

2. Testing

I moved the bed into the middle of the room to make sure there would be enough space at each side and plenty of space to get between both sides to justify making such a big change. I let the girls live with it for a couple of days before starting the work, they weren't massively impressed but loved the thought of having their own rooms so we made a start.

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3. Walls and Floors

We started by painting the room and laying new flooring. This had to be done before we started working on the beds, fixing them in place.

4. Bottom Bunk Panels

Starting with the bottom bunk, strips of wood were used to fill the gap between the bed frame and the wooden panels. We used No Nails to attach the pine boards and then nailed this onto the bed frame.

This was done round the side of the bed and the end, we then added stairs using the same pine wood.


5. Arch

I wanted to make both rooms feel as seperate as possible with a clear divide between them, so I chose to build an archway at the bottom of the beds. We cut the shape for the arch onto the pine boards, one for either side. We then made a frame and fit the pieces using No Nails and a nail gun. A strip of hardboard was placed on the underside of the arch to finish.



6. Top Bunk Panels

The wall on the top bunk was by far the trickiest part of the project as we had to make sure this was sturdy and safe. We decided to build a timber frame and apply plywood sheets onto either side as these are much more lightweight than the pine boards we used for the rest of the project.


7. Finishing touches

Once complete, everything was filled, primed and painted ready for styling.

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For my oldest daughter's room, we chose a very light blue wall with white panelling, finished with the Micke desk and Kallax units from Ikea for storage. The curtains are from Argos, the rug is from Very, the prints are from Desenio and, finally, the pegrail is from Crafted Pine Co. She now has a gorgeous and elegant tween room that will last well into her teen years.

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I had very recently redecorated the girls' shared bedroom before this project, and so my younger daughter's room makes use of the already-freshly-painted walls and some items I had recently purchased. I continued the pink scalloped detail all around the bedroom, then added some prints from Minii and Maxi, Little Rae Prints and Mrs Mighetto. The rug is from Argos, the curtains are from Amazon, cushions are from the Range and the heart shelf, peg rail and cloud book case are all Crafted Pine Co.

The kids could not be happier. They both have their own space but they are close enough to play together when they choose to. The lockdown has been hard on the littles, who miss their friends and family, however this project has added a little excitement to their day.

We would love to hear about any home improvement projects you have undertaken during the lockdown! Please share your projects with us in the comments below.


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I absolutely LOVE this idea and you’ve done an amazing job of it!! I have 4 kids so sharing is pretty much a given, but I am absolutely going to use this idea and would love any advice you have to offer!


Do you have any additional images for the end of the bunk bed? My wife has convinced me to undertake the same project and I’m an amateur DIY’er


How creative!!! Beautiful and a job well done!


Hey! This is great! WhT a perfect idea for my sons who are going to be share very shortly. Just wondering how you attached frame to ceiling?


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