Christmas Decoration Ideas and Christmas Baubles!

Christmas Decoration Ideas and Christmas Baubles!

Christmas Baubles

Now I don’t know about you, but here at Crafted Pine Co HQ, our Christmas starts as soon as we've binned our Hallowe'en costumes. Not only are we in November, but it’s dark by 5pm, we’ve switched on the heating and Costa are about to launch their Christmas drinks! So we’re getting into the festive spirit and sharing our top Christmas decoration ideas, tips and tricks for creating a beautiful Christmas, including all the inspiration you need, and some exciting new products too!


Choose a theme

This stage is so often overlooked but it can be the most important part: start with a plan! Before you start, first think about how you would like your home to look. Choose a theme so your Christmas decorations complement each other, as well as work within the space you have. If you need some inspiration, we’re shared our favourite Christmas themes at the bottom of this post.


Christmas Baubles 


Choose your colours

Choose 1 or 2 main colours and add another 1 or 2 secondary colours. We would recommend using no more than 3 colours, otherwise your colours might start to get muddled. We love white with gold; white with silver; grey and cream with gold; or try black and gold to really stand out.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. Your décor should reflect who you are and make you feel happy, so go against the grain and create something really unique!


Initial Block


Edit your decorations

Dig out your Christmas decorations a little earlier so you have plenty time to check what you already have. Hang on to the items that fit your theme and colour scheme to give you a head start and save you buying everything new.


Initial Block 


Get real or fake it?

When I was growing up, we always had a fake tree for convenience. There is no upkeep, they are inexpensive, and you can use the same one for a good few years. Plus, there are some really interesting options to consider, with a range of colours options, as well as snow tips, fibre optics and even upside down trees to choose from!

However, I do have friends who adore a real Christmas tree. Visiting the forestry to choose the perfect tree is as much a part of their Christmas tradition as hanging our stockings above the hearth, and they add a beautiful scent to your home too. If you do choose a real tree this year, just remember to sit your tree in a bowl of water and keep it topped up. This helps to keep your tree hydrated so you have less pine needles to hoover up.



Now you know exactly what you’d like your space to look like, it’s time to find the perfect pieces to complete the look!


Circle Bauble


Christmas with Crafted Pine Co

While you’re doing your shopping, remember to check out our Christmas range! We have three personalised Christmas baubles which will add the perfect finishing touch to your tree.

Our name blocks have had a Christmas makeover! Our Christmas Bauble Block is personalised with your chosen initial accompanied by your choice of two Christmas images. Or choose our Christmas Gift Block, gift wrapped in your choice of sparkly colours and also complete with your choice of initial.

Finally, our Christmas Circle Bauble is personalised with your family name to celebrate Christmas at your home. Choose from a range of colours for the text and matching ribbon.

As you would expect, our wooden Christmas decorations are made from beautiful Scottish Pine from the Caledonian Forest, and each piece is handmade to order.


Inspiration: Christmas Decoration Ideas


 Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland

Style your home with white and silver to imitate a snowy landscape, and decorate with plenty snowmen and snow globes.


Santa's Grotto


Santa’s Grotto

Go traditional with a green and red colour scheme, and pack out your home with Santas, elves, gingerbread men and nutcrackers!


Scandi Christmas 


Scandi Christmas

No surprises with this choice as our style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian life! Keep it classy this year with greys and whites, and edit down your décor for a minimalist style.


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