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7 ways to style a Custom Wooden Wall Plaque

Our Custom Wooden Wall Plaques are our most exciting products because we never know what we’ll get asked for next! They offer a blank canvas to create a plaque exactly as you want it, so it’s no surprise they are one of our bestselling products. From minor tweaks to wording or colours on our existing designs, to scaling up the size and custom shapes, our customers always have something new for us to try!

Below are 7 inspirational ideas from our customers and our team on how to make the most of this blank canvas to create something uniquely you!


Wooden Plaques


Wooden Wall Plaque Inspiration

1. Bedroom door hanger

Our plaques are complete with all the fittings required to affix them to a wall, or a door! For a Christmas present for her gamer grandson, this customer requested the child’s name and an xbox controller in black paint on a hexagon plaque.


Leon's Room plaque


2. Front door family plaque

Sticking with door hangers, this customer was looking for a gift for their neighbour. They asked us to paint their family name in black paint and we used an external varnish to finish, allowing the receipient to hang it on their front door with extra protection against the British weather! Our plaques include the fittings required to easily hang them up, so this plaque was ready to be gifted on.


The Coopers Custom Wall Plaque


3. Garden Wall Plaque

While we’re thinking about the outdoors, the largest plaque we have ever tackled was a Garden Wall Plaque. The plaque was an oblong, sized 600mm wide, complete with a personalised phrase for the customer’s son to display alongside his outdoor BBQ Smoker.


4. Kitchen Wall Plaque

Back indoors, add a family name or phrase to a Wall Plaque to be displayed in the family kitchen. Some of our favourites include “Sarah’s Kitchen”, and “The kitchen is the heart of the home”.


xoxo plaque


5. Bathroom Wall Plaque

For the office or hospitality venues, identify the Ladies and Gents restrooms with a custom designed wooden wall plaque. Choose a style and colours to suit your décor for a more stylish finish than traditional signage.


6. Nursery Decor

No nursery or kid's room is complete without a Wooden Wall Plaque. They are ideal gifts for new parents, or for birthdays and Christmas. Add their name and date of birth, or choose a phrase instead. Hang your custom plaque near the baby's crib for a stylish backdrop to photos of the newborn.



7. Christmas Wall Plaque

Count down the days to Christmas with our range of festive wall plaques. These Christmas decorations are easily affixed to the wall and are easily removed and stored for next year. We create a selection of festive plaques every year and in 2020 we had a Snow Globe Plaque, a Christmas plaque and a Christmas Countdown plaque.


Christmas plaques


Feeling Inspired? Here's how it works:

First, choose your shape from a circle, hexagon, heart, balloon or pentagon. Then decide on your wording, will you go for a name, date, location, word, phrase or quote? Then you choose your font and a colour for the text. If you can't see what you want, then please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life!


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And so the adventure begins plaque

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