5 top tips for the ultimate mermaid bedroom

5 top tips for the ultimate mermaid bedroom

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Our new range of mermaid accessories provide the perfect finishing touches for any mermaid lover! Create the ultimate mermaid bedroom of your dreams (or your kids' dreams!) with our 5 top tips.


1. Colours

First of all, consider your colour scheme. Fortunately the mermaid theme is flexible and suits almost every colour, so you can theme your new room around any existing (and expensive!) items you already own. For example, if you have a blue carpet, we’d recommend going for a blue, turquoise and green colour scheme. We recommend choosing three colours and stick to pastel shades. Finally, no mermaid room is complete without an ombre, so opt for complementary colours that you can style into an ombre effect!

Below are our favourite mermaid colour schemes to help you get started!


Blue, turquoise and green ombre Pink, purple and green ombre Pink, purple and blue ombre Red, orange and yellow ombre


2. Walls and Flooring

Now that you have your colour scheme, it’s time to consider your walls and flooring.

As we mentioned, ombre finishes are ideal to get this look. Create a DIY ombre feature wall by painting the wall with your three colours and blending each into the next. Use wall decals or stencils featuring mermaids and scales and add some glitter for extra sparkle!


Mermaid Scale wall stencil - Etsy Beach please stencil - Etsy


If an ombre feature wall is too daunting a DIY, opt for a pastel wall colour and leave the ombre to us with a Mermaid Shelf.


Mermaid shelf 


Alternatively, you can bring the ombre to the floor with an ombre rug.


Pink ombre rug glitter ombre rug


3. Furniture

Balance out your statement rug or feature wall with natural wood or white furniture, as neutral shades will complement your statement pieces without competing with them. Customise your chest of drawers and bedside cabinets with wall hooks to incorporate your theme. Try our circle hooksheart hooks and cloud hooks in pastel shades that complement your colour scheme.

Cloud hook Heart hook  Cloud hook


4. Storage

Easily incorporate existing storage, such as wooden boxes and crates, by decorating with mermaid-themed accents, such as seashells, starfish and crabs! Paint your storage item using stencils for the accents before finishing with varnish to protect the item and paint. Alternatively, head to your local beach and find large seashells to glue onto the front of your boxes – just remember to wash and paint them first!


Shell stencils Crab stencils - Etsy


5. Accessories

Now that you have transformed your room into a mermaid wonderland, it’s time for those exciting finishing touches – mermaid accessories!

When choosing your accessories, mix up your finishes and textures to add more depth to the room. Add soft materials such as cushions and throws to balance out harder materials, such as wooden furniture. For extra sparkle, use a reflective shimmer material to create a more subtle mermaid scale look.

Finally, we love to mix natural pine with pastels shades, so kit out your new room with our set of 6 decorative mermaid blocks, ideal for stacking and displaying and available in our favourite mermaid colours.

For a personalised accessory, our large mermaid block combines two colours of your choosing, perfectly ombre’d by our expert team and complete with a tail and personalised with a name. Or alternatively, finish your room with our Mermaid Shelf Sitter, available in any colour from our full range of 33 colours blended with natural pine and personalised with a name.


Mermaid blocks Large mermaid block Mermaid Shelf Sitter



We hope our tips have inspired you to transform your room into a mermaid wonderland! Just remember to pick and choose where to sparkle then balance the room with plain pastels for the ultimate mermaid bedroom!

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