2020: 365 Days of Crafted Pine Co

2020 Infographic


2020: our year in numbers


As Christmas is fast approaching and we are all preparing for the Boxing Day lockdown, we’re taking one final look back through 2020 to remind ourselves of the things we are grateful for. It’s not the start to 2021 that any of us hoped for, but it is a brand new year full of possibility. We are going to make the most of what we do have.


2842 Blocks Built

Our stacking name blocks continue to top our bestseller list, and this year we’ve cut, sanded, painted and varnished thousands of them for you!


1000+ Orders out!

We had our biggest year ever this year and we’ve already completed over a thousand orders. Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times!


706 Cups of coffee consumed

We are a family that needs a caffeine hit before our morning catch up meetings – and we calculate we’ve shared over 700 cups. That’s put me in the mood for a coffee, make that 707!


129 Purchasable Products

With the launch of our first ever retail unit this year, we had to grow our product range, and we are delighted that we current have 129 products available for purchase today! That is definitely something for everyone!


104 Pop-ins to the Post Office

We make a trip to the Post Office twice a week to keep our postal orders running on time.


61 Trees Transferred

We plant trees in the Caledonian Forest to help offset the footprint we leave on the planet. It’s the only one we have, and we do everything we can to look after it.


30 Colour Choices

We now offer a massive 30 colours on our product range, so you can personalise and tweak our designs to suit your taste, as well as your room theme and colours.


26 Blades blunted

Our home-based workshop is where we do our cutting and sanding. We went through 26 blades this year to cut all the different shapes for your purchase!


14 Extra-late Evenings

While we were preparing to open the shop back in September, we had two weeks of extra-late shifts to get the shop ready for launch! Did you know, we built all the displays and our countertop ourselves? We also made the countertops and shelves for our in-store workshop too!


3 Team Tiffs

Or artistic differences (we are family, after all!)


2 Window displays

We have so much fun designing our window displays, and this year we got to do it twice! We are already excited for the next one.


1 Retail unit

And of course, this year we celebrate the launch of our first retail unit in our hometown of Dundee. This time last year, we had just found out we had won the Grow at Overgate competition, and now we’ve been open for 3 months and it already feels like home. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to continue doing what we love!


A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us through the biggest and most challenging year we have ever faced. Remember our online shop never closes so you can still treat yourself and your loved ones to the Crafted Pine Co goodies you have had your eye on. We hope you all have a fantastic festive break however you choose to spend it. Take care of yourselves!


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